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Serenity Groups began because some of us sought a confidential Fellowship where we could meet with others needing to overcome one or more addictions, diseases, obstacles, problems, or weaknesses. Free Meeting Guides to begin and maintain Serenity Groups are now available here!

In Serenity Groups , we learn more about working the The Twelve Steps of Serenity Groups as we learn together. We learn how to work the steps in different situations, while confronting different problems and overcoming our obstacles. Some of us wanted a good Program to help us overcome stress, whatever the cause, and the meetings in the Program helped us. We wanted a group where those interested in the 12 Steps could maintain complete confidentiality. We did not want to possibly embarrass or scare newcomers by asking them to commit themselves to a specific Recovery Program; such as, AA or Al-Anon; though some of us do participate regularly in AA or Al-Anon, OA, and other group meetings. We wanted a group that would supplement, not replace, our current recovery fellowship and Program. For some, Serenity Groups actually became the door to AA or Al-Anon, and they found recovery there when they finally recognized and admitted their situation and real problems.

By working The Twelve Steps of Serenity Groups in Serenity Groups, we found that many people could solve some of their “small” problems before they became “big” problems. No one needs to have a huge or insurmountable addiction, compulsion, or disease to profit from the Fellowship and the Prayer Steps we follow in Serenity Groups. For a good introduction to the The 12 Prayer Steps and The Serenity Prayer, get and read the free e-book Prayer Steps to Serenity The Twelve. Steps Journey: The 12 Steps in 12 Days (use your Page Down key to advance the pages of this free e-book or click on the first page with your mouse and advance the pages with your mouse wheel). Reading these 12 daily meditations and praying these 12 prayers will help you learn and apply some of the most helpful principles we follow in Serenity Groups as well as our new 12 Steps Program, which we call Celebrate Serenity.

Having worked the 12 Steps Program in AA, Al-Anon, OA, or other group, some of us wanted something more out of a Serenity Groups Fellowship. We sought a group open to the involvement of the care givers and the loved ones of those suffering. We also found that this has not worked for everyone, but it has worked for some couples to come to meetings together. Those of us with a Program also wanted to stay in our current Program, whether AA or Al-Anon or OA. Our experience proved that you only need a few people to begin and maintain a Serenity Groups Fellowship. With only a few working the Program at a time, we have seen many people helped, as those with problems and their loved ones have met together with others who sought to overcome similar seeming impossibilities.

We continually emphasize that in Serenity Groups everyone can maintain confidentiality, and over the years we developed our The Twelve Traditions of Serenity Groups that spell this and other principles out more clearly and uniquely for Serenity Groups. Deflation begins with the First Step, and some in our Serenity Groups are not yet ready to admit their specific struggles before others until they have worked more of the 12 Steps Program in general and have learned more about how the Program works. Some of us still only admit our addictions and dependencies in our specific 12 Steps Program meetings, the Program designed for our specific needs. Yet, we also discovered that Serenity Groups became a first step group for many before they sought a specific Recovery Program suited to their specific needs. In our Serenity Groups Fellowship, people also reach out to God in prayer for one another and their loved ones. Serenity Groups have proven to be a hope-filled supplement for people in other recovery groups and a benefit to those with many years of recovery behind them. Prayer works and those in Serenity Groups have experienced the power of prayer!

Interestingly, we found with experience that even Serenity Groups were intimidating or scary for some, so some of us in our Serenity Groups fellowship created another Program called Celebrate Serenity, a 12 Steps Program for the absolute beginner and for home fellowships and churches to use. We also created a free e-book, Prayer Steps to Serenity: The Twelve Steps Journey The 12 Steps in 12 Days to introduce people to the Prayer Steps Program.

We freely received from God and others what we offer in Serenity Groups, so there is no charge to start or maintain Serenity Groups. You can begin Serenity Groups with only two or three people While creating, improving, and maintaining Serenity Groups, we offer only suggestions that we hope will help you as they have helped us.

No single individual or group is the leader or the headquarters for Serenity Groups. We chose to make all the Program materials needed to start and maintain Serenity Groups free of charge and free of administrative costs and time. Therefore, you may not find a Serenity Groups meeting in your area, simply because it is a small, unadvertised group. The lack of visibility for Serenity Groups means that you may need to begin a group in your home, in your church, or among your friends to work through the resources available here. If you find the Program helpful, your group may want to pray and decide if you want to continue your group and invite others into the Program—person to person sharing the Program, working the Twelfth Step.

The new, revised Serenity Groups Meeting Guides will help you begin and maintain Serenity Groups! Or use our new FREE Serenity Prayer Study Guides.

Our Serenity Groups website tries to assist those wanting to start Serenity Groups where they live by providing free resources and guides.  In addition, some may want to do a short study of The Twelve Steps Journey using the book Prayer Steps to Serenity The Twelve Steps Journey: New Serenity Prayer Edition perhaps in their home, church, Sunday school, or neighborhood. A short study of this book can lead to an ongoing group — a Serenity Groups fellowship that can meet in a church, home, or other location.  Serenity Groups are also a good outreach for churches, especially small and medium sized churches, wanting to serve their community. A short 12 week study can sometimes introduce people to the 12 Steps and eventually lead them to forming a permanent support and prayer group.  Serenity Groups using Prayer Steps to Serenity have found a non-threatening way to help people grow spiritually as they face their problems or weaknesses.  After they study Prayer Steps to Serenity The Twelve Steps Journey: New Serenity Prayer Edition the first official devotional and study guide for Serenity Groups, some will want to keep walking The Twelve Steps Journey with newcomers.  If you are interested in a “Soft Touch” introduction to the 12 Steps, for yourself or as a gift for those in denial or not needing a recovery program, you will probably enjoy: Prayer Steps to Serenity: Daily Quiet Time Edition.

Serenity Groups will help those in any recovery program (such as AA, Al-Anon, CoDA, EA, or OA) discover the spiritual and scriptural foundations of the 12 Steps. Serenity Groups meetings can open up discussion of God and the Bible to people in new and practical ways.

Not quite ready to start a Serenity Group?

Learn more about how to gently introduce the 12 Steps to individuals and groups that might not quite be ready to begin the Twelve Steps Journey, but would grow spiritually by learning how to work them. Discover Prayer Steps to Serenity Daily Quiet Time Edition and Prayer Steps to Serenity Daily Quiet Time Workbook & Journal.

The Eleventh Step

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and for the power to carry that out.

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    i am in AA now for 26 years. i like this site. i write stories that are inspirational and/or touching. many in my own AA group encouraged me to write more and share with more people. visit http://www.insightbb.com/robertanderson to view some stories.

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